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    Oh I love your articles!

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Eventweek coming up!

Hi everybody,We are a young team named "Chicken Pizza" in charge of an eventweek at Chichen Itza. The idea of hosting this event was to draw attention to this great place here as it isn't as popular as it should be. The whole week we will blog here about the happenings at our evention and show you how much fun it is here and how amazing the people are, not to forget the overwhelming sight of the temple. We spent this whole weekend on creating the perfect atmosphere.There were of course some difficulties while preparing our event, but no worries we managed them all. And now we are only waiting for you to come to this week and enjoy it with us. Here some things that are waiting for you: exclusive guiding tours through the temple, we will have an ancient day where we will present life as it was shortly after the temple was built, also we will have a childrens day with a big surprise at the end. The details of what is going to happen each day you will find in our daily newsletter. But you can already mark wednesday in your calendar as we will try a worldrecord with the longest candle-chain at Chichen Itza, you should definitely come and be a part of it! Every evening we will tell you what happened that day and keep you updated, so be sure to check our block. We are looking forward to seeing you!Your Chicken Pizzas.
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Lonely Traveller (3.2.16 19:01)
Oh I love your articles!
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