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Dancer got missing!

Hi everybody,We are happy to tell you about our first event day in Chichen Itza, with more than a thousand visitors. We were really impressed about the attendance.To show you what happened there we have pictures below to get an impression. Our plan of the role play was to bring back the Maya culture and dress like they dressed hundred years ago.People who liked to dress up themselfs were invited to do so and be a part of this fantastic and colourful event.Nevertheless what will be a event without some mistakes happening?!At first it turned out that our main dancer didn’t appear and we had to find an alternative in less than one hour.The girls first thought was to put our manager Sebastian into one of these dresses. 💃Everybody who knows him can say that he definitely wasn’t happy with this idea, but we girls of course had much fun. 😉The end of the story was, that our main dancer got locked in the toilette and our securties had to kick in the door and fortunately Sebastian hadn’t to dance in a grass skirt. 😁The atomsphere was filled with To bring it to the point it was such a great and successful day and we are happy that the first day appealed to so much people.We are pleased to see you tomorrow for our world record.Do not forget to bring your candle. Your chicken pizzas 🐔🍕
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