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Enlighted Pyramide

Hey there again!That was a day today. We are all still speechless how many people actually came. Just amazing!But lets start at the beginning. The day began with a sunny morning and we had good hopes for the evening. A lot of people came and had a lot of fun while touring around the sight visiting all the building and getting special tours. We got a lot good feedback from you, thank you for that!Later the day the run on the candles had begun. In case not everybody brought their own candle we had some booth selling candles for you. But we didn’t expect this many people so we almost ran out of candles. To prevent that two of us drove to the city nearby going through all stores buying the last candles everywhere so at the end everyone who had come to be part of our world record could carry a light. We were lucky that it didn´t rain, because it first looked like it, but the sun came back, so everything went smoothly. Around 7pm we started to get everyone together and told the first ones to go to the top of the pyramide. At the end the whole pyramide was full of people, it was overwhelming. It took us almost two hours to get everyone in their places, so here again a special thanks to you for your cooperation!!We counted almost 10,000 people!! We only expected about 6,000, so you totally beat our expectations. CONGRATULATIONS! We managed to set a world record. Thank you so much, it was an unforgetable evening. Tomorrow we will have a slightly calmer day, we will host a telethon, more about this in our newsletter. (write an email to to subscribe)We will be back with tomorrows happenings.Your Chicken Pizzas.
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