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Donation Event :)

Hi followers,Before we start to write about the 4th day, firstly we would like to say:...especially for your participation, your generous donations and to all sponsors like Nestlé, Coca Cola, Apple and to all local shop owners.All together we collected more than 1,000,000 pesos which go to saving the rainforest, to local schools and kindergartens in Yucatan and to sheltered workshops. Not to forget the tombola which was also much fun. The first price was a wellness-weekend where the winner could decide at which of the new seven world wonder he/she would like to spend the weekend.Unfortunately there is no more exciting to say about it, but what is to say is that it was such a great atmosphere filled with love, peace and hope and we are very thankful to share this feelings with all of you guys.For tomorrow, unfortunately our last day, we are very happy to announce one of the famoust singers in the world: ELTON JOHN We are really happy that he will join our festival! Let’s go and try to grab the last tickets!!(seats are limited and for free)See ya tomorrow!Your Chicken Pizza Team
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