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Final Day

Hey everyone,Thank you for such a great week! We were overwhelmed by so many people coming and celebrating with us. Today we had our Children’s Day. It was all about our little guests. We had our staff do special tours for kids where they played games, learned something about Chichen Itza and got a closer look at its buildings. One game we played was “paper chase”, the winner got a package of Nestlé sweets and could choose a little souvenir from our shop.In the afternoon we had a little show for the children, while the parents could go on a guided tour through our pyramid or just take a little nap to recover. The show was about the history of Chichen Itza, our team put a lot of effort in creating a children’s show which will give them an understanding of Chichen Itzas history and at the same time be fun. Our little guests liked it very much and also their parents told us that they found it great. Thank you for this amazing feedback!Now let’s come to the evening, we know that all of you are dying to hear about our big final show. As you already know, we had Elton John come to us to make this day perfect. He was thrilled that we invited him and he says thank you for the great atmosphere. YOU WERE AMAZING!!!For a Video of the concert please follow these to links: The concert started at 8pm and after two hours we filled in a light show on the pyramid. After the final song of Elton John we started our final bang, a big firework. It was a great final. The whole atmosphere was amazing and we can’t say enough how thankful we are to you for creating this joyful vibe.For all of you who are wondering if anything like this will happen again at Chichen Itza we have good news. Due to the great success of this event week we decided to do some events throughout the year. This won’t be whole week events but a few one- or two-day-events. So keep following us and subscribe to our newsletter (email to had a really great time with you this week! See you soon,Your Chicken Pizzas!
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